Diversity Dinners are great opportunity for the Peace Corps community, family, friends, supporters and those interested in the Peace Corps, to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and talk about the Peace Corps.

Southern Association of Black Peace Corps Volunteers

Thursday, October 4, 2012 – Diversity Dinner at No Mas Restaurant

Atlanta University Center Peace Corps Office and Southern Association of Black Peace Corps Volunteers will host a Diversity Dinner at No Mas! Restaurant in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.  Come and enjoy the good food and great company.  For more information contact Leslie Jean-Pierre at ljeanpierre@cau.edu or info@sabpcv.org.

The diversity dinners are opportunities for people interested in Peace Corps to informally meet Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs)  in a relaxed setting. The dinners are generally held during a heritage month and takes place four times a year.  We encourage RPCVs, Peace Corps applicants, their family and friends to join us.  We were able to secure a discount of $15.00 per person (dinner, soft drink, tax and tip inclusive).  Come mingle with RPCVs, family, friends and those that are interested in joining the Peace Corps.

Details of Diversity Dinner


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